Cold water units KPA Professional Series The inverter technology provides the most advanced linear control of the cooling capacity combined with a great reduction in energy consumption. See more Open circuit cooling tower Release! R+ Series Up to 40% less energy consumed! See more Closed circuit cooling towers FCH+ The new technology provides more efficiency, better cost benefit and more energy savings. Check out! See more

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Industrial water cooling is Körper.

Since its foundation in 1986, Körper has always stood out in the market for industrial water cooling systems.

The main products manufactured are: cooling towers, closed circuit air and water coolers, chilled water units (chillers), thermoregulators, roof fans or exhaust fans, ventilation system with special double filtration and discharge units for pumping water, with pressure and temperature control, etc.

We define as our main objective the search for the continuous improvement of our work processes, always investing in training of our professionals, which made Körper a solid company and able to attend the most complex industrial water cooling projects in practically all market share segments.